Scale Challenge 2017

Scores & reports by Bob Bryant,

Round 1, Predicted Log - 5th April
It gets dark early on the opening round of the Scale Challenge so there is only time for one event and Predicted Log is suitable for the occasion.
There were some very good results but no one could match Daron Maynard’s identical times which puts him in the lead after round 1.

Rd1 Predicted Log

Round 2, Striaght Running 26th April

A nice calm evening with no wind seemed to be ideal conditions for the straight running competition. The first round was nothing like straight and six of the eleven competitors didn’t score any points.

Steve Coles, who was new to the event, had the best score but his luck ran out in the second round. Rob Arlett, with his two-second places, was the best on the night.

Straight Run 1 2017

Round 3, Payload Race 17th May

photos by Nigel Clarke

There were seven entries for the Payload Challenge. Three of the boats were made from vacuum formed Coastguard hulls. The long thin shape proved to be the best design and these boats took the first three places.
Chris Locke finished four laps ahead of Russ Chilcott, which shows the importance of a good set-up.

Blind Steering (Round 4) - 28th June

The weather was not good enough to put out a Scale Steering course so we used a few buoys and run a Blind Steering. Pairs were drawn at random and this involves one person with a transmitter and his back to the water and the other “shouting” instructions. It is surprising how difficult it is to navigate around a simple course. In round two the drivers and the shouters changed places. The results were very close and Russ and Bob finished just two points in front of Chris and Mike.

Blind steering 2017

1 Hour Payload Race (Round 5) - 19th July

The long narrow boats were superior again and showed that he has a very efficient boat. Daron (with Malcolm’s help) had a new boat that performed well and finished forth. With a little bit of tuning it would be better.
Rob Arlett kindly offered to count the laps and got soaked when there was a heavy downpour.

Thank you Rob.

Payload 2 2017

Steering competition (Round 6) - 9th August

Rd6 Scale Steering 2017

FINAL overall points table for 2017

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