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New Website - the club has a brand new website (this one will no longer be updated) please use this link to visit the new site;


Small Yacht Series (round 2) 18th March CANCELLED - due to an Amber warning weather forecast tomorrows SYS meeting has been cancelled. 

Fast Electric Winter Series 2017/18 - Bob Bryant wins the Mini Hydro Class and Dave Lowther Club Class series. Full score sheet, report and the overall points table has been added, see Fast Electric pages.
Congratulations to Bob & Dave

IOM Yacht Winter Series 2017/18 - Bob Conner wins the series with a score of 172 points ahead of Nigel Clarke on 163 and in 3rd place Andy Harding on 148. Full score sheet plus overall points table has been added, see IOM Yacht pages. Congratulations Bob.

Litter picking at Apex 14th March
Assuming we are not hit by another blizzard the Litter Pick will take place next Wednesday 14th March 10am to 12pm. We will be meeting outside the parks office (adjacent to toilets) at 9.45am.
Hopefully I’ll see a few of you there.

Litter Pick CANCELLED - due to take place this Friday 2nd March has been cancelled as the "Beast from the east' is coming!❄️☃️

There is a very good chance the lake will freeze over in the next few days. It has done many times in the past when it gets well below freezing for a few nights in a row.

Litter picking at Apex Friday 2nd March 10am to 12pm - this year it is part of a nationwide The Great British Spring Clean campaign organised by Keep Britain Tidy. Our club together with the Friends of Apex Park Group will be litter picking in the park, we will mainly be tasked with collecting it from around the lakes. The Council will be providing us with litter pickers, high vis jackets and collection bags.
If you can spare a few hours on Friday it would be very much appreciated, we will met up at 10am outside the parks office/toilet building, if you get there after look out for the high vis. It’s a good chance to get some exercise, clean the park of litter and our club will score some “Brownie points” – so, it’s win, win, win!.

IOM yacht Winter Series - round 8 (25th Feb) scores have been added.
We had almost perfect conditions with a stiff easterly breeze and bright sun shine which meant it was not too cold.
The RO Scott Smart set a triangle/sausage course with a gate at the down wind leg which made the short leg to the finishing line very close at times!

Once again Bob Conner was in top form winning 5 races he easily won this round scoring 12 points, ahead of Richard Aucott (20) and Andy Harding (24).

Welcome aboard
John White who joined our club today and is the 9th new member this year alone! John has raced IOM yachts for many years and is also a member of the Bideford club.
Welcome aboard John

SOLD - the green IOM Rocket yacht has gone!

For Sale - IOM prototype "Rocket" yachts.
< see For Sale page for details plus photos

Small Yacht 1 Hour Endurance Race 2018 - a report, scores and photos have been added.
The popular annual event was held this morning 18th Feb. There with a good entry of 15 skippers taking part most of them with Dragonforce yachts and a decent SE breeze. After the none-stop 1 hour race all boats made it to the finish line with only 5 laps separating 1st to last place.
Chris Lewis was the MC class winner (and overall winner) and Alan Barnstable the RTR Class winner. Well done guys.
A big thank you to Carol and Nigel for Lap Counting

Winter Series IOM Yachts - round 7 (11th Feb) scores have been added.
At last we had some wind - actually there was a bit too much at times for both the yachts and FE boat racing in the afternoon!
The strong winds meant the 11 skippers we able to complete 14 races around a long course. Crossing the line in first place 7 times Bob Conner was easily this rounds winner - well done to him.

Winter Series Fast Electric racing - round 4 (11th Feb) scores and reports have been added.
The strong winds and choppy waters made it "little bit tricky" for these little boats! Dave Lowther (Club Class) and Malcolm Franks (Mini Hydro) kept their boats under control better than the rest most of the time and they won their respective classes. Well done to them both.

Welcome aboard - Richard White who becomes the 8th new member to join our club in the last 2 weeks alone! Richard a complete beginner and has a TS2 IOM yacht.
Welcome aboard Richard

Sedgemoor member Richard Aucott wins MYA IOM South West Winter Series 2017/18! Well done to Richard for winning the series overall and Mike Cooke for taking 4th spot.

Welcome aboard - Roy Windsor joined our club today, he is new to the hobby and has just acquired a Dragonforce V6 yacht and plans to join the small yacht fleet.
Welcome aboard Roy

MYA IOM yacht Winter Series - today (4th Feb) our club hosted the final round of the MYA Winter Series. < see yachts IOM page for report, scores and photos.
16 skippers entered coming from all over the south west area with 5 from our club. There was a bitter north wind all day and with RO Scott Smart running things 18 races were completed.
Our club did really well with Mike Cooke winning it, Richard Aucott 2nd, John Stone 4th and John Woodman 5th and Rod Butler entering his first ever district meeting a respectible 10th place.
Well done "Team Sedgemoor"!

SOLD - the MX14 yacht listed 7 days ago has been sold!

Welcome aboard - John Newcomb who has just joined our club, John interests are in scale, IOM and Small yachts.
Welcome aboard John

For sale IOM MX14 - a club member is selling his IOM MX14 yacht. It is complete and only requires transmitter and receiver to race.
< See For Sale for more details.

IOM Winter Series - round 6 (28th Jan) results have been added.
It stayed dry all morning and just for a change we had a half decent westerly breeze - at least most of the time! It was good to see Alan Chidgey back sailing with us once again, he brought the entry up to 10 skippers. Daron Maynard was not racing but kindly came along to help run things and record the race results which, despite a few breakdowns, allowed us to complete 12 races - thanks Daron.

Well done to Nigel Clarke who won this one, he has closed the gap by 1 point to the series leader Bob Conner in the overall points table.

MYA IOM Winter Series Sun 4th Feb - a reminder to those club members who belong to the MYA that we are hosting what is now the final round of the MYA IOM Winter Series on Sunday 4th February. The Skippers briefing will be at 9.45am with racing starting at 10am prompt and is expected to run until 4pm(ish). There is an entry fee of £4 payable on the day but you MUST pre-book to enter by contacting Scott ASAP by phone; 01934 842081 or email;
This one is only open to MYA members, but I would strongly recommend coming along on the day to see some of the UK’s top skippers in action.

Small Yacht series 2018 - round 1 (Sun 21st Jan) scores and report have been added.
We had heavy rain almost none-stop for the opening round of the 2018 series. To make things worse a weak westerly breeze soon vanished so the boats were left to drift slowly around while we all got soaked through! By 12am the field of 13 skippers had reduced to 8 and those left racing agreed to pack up, go home and dry off!
Kevin Roberts (MC class) and Russ Chilcott (RTR class) drifted slightly further and faster than the rest so they won their class.

Welcome aboard - we've had another 2 new members join our club today, Chris Lee and Matt Elliott. Chris has a fast electric and a small yacht.
Matt (a junior) is new to the hobby and has a ready to run tug, but already has his eye on a Club Class fast electric boat!
Welcome aboard to you both.

IOM Yacht Winter Series - round 5 (14th Jan) scores have been added. We had 9 skippers for this one and sadly very little wind! What slight breeze we did have dropped to almost zero by the 9th and final race.
John Woodman managed the conditions better than most and won the round, it was his first meeting win since rejoining the club after a long break away. Nigel Clarke was 2nd and Andy Harding 3rd.

Fast Electric Winter Series - round 3 (14th Jan) scores and a report have been added. We had a turnout with 9 entering Club Class and 8 in Mini Hydro. The low sun made it really tricky at times both for the drivers and those trying to Lap Count the boats!
It was pretty close in Club Class, but Russ Chilcott won it scoring 36 points, with Dave Lowther 2nd on 35, Chris Locke and Malcolm Franks were tied for 3rd both on 34.
Bob Bryant was in a class of his own in Mini Hydro as he easily won both races and picked up the max. 42 points. Russ was 2nd (36) ahead of Dave in 3rd (32).

Welcome aboard - we have 4 new members who have joined our club this week. Jamie Webster is new to the hobby has a Contessa yacht. Three brothers Ian, Ken and Stuart Roberts have recently taken up fast electirc boats and have a number of models between them. Ian is planning to race a Super Mono X for the very first time this Sunday.
Welcome aboard to you all.

2018 Boating Calandar - the full boating calendar has now been added.
< see 2018 Calendar page

Membership renewal is due on 1st Feb - 2018 Membership Form has been added. < see Membership page to download a copy.
Fees are the same as before at just £20 per adult, £25 for family and juniors (under 18) are free with adult or family membership.

IOM Yacht Winter Series - score sheets for round 4 (31st Dec) has now been added. 10 Skippers came along for the final meeting of 2017, sadly the wind decided not to turn up as the BBC Weather Man had promised! It did just improve a bit after the coffee break and we finished with quite a nice S/SW breeze which meant we got through 12 races in total.
Mike Cooke and Bob Conner tied on 17 points but Mike nicks it on count-back as he had 4 wins to Bob's 2.
That's twice Mike has turned up from four rounds and twice he has won! As you can discard 2 rounds overall he can't afford to miss another one if he wants any chance of a series victory.

IOM Yacht Winter Series - scores sheets for round 3 (17th Dec) has been added. Light airs meant the 10 skippers could only complete 9 races. Top placed were Bob Conner and Andy Harding who tied on 14 points, but Bob took 1st place on count-back.
Fast Electric Winter Series - score sheet and reports for round 2 (17th Dec) has been added. There was a good entry with 8 in Club Class and 7 in Mini Hydro class. Russ Chilcott won both Club Class races plus one of the Mini Hydro races, Chris Locke won the 2nd Mini Hydro class race.

IOM Winter Series - round 2 (3rd Dec) scores sheet has been added. We had a good steady NW breeze which meant we got through 12 races and a welcome return of Nick Noble making it 11 entries in total.
Well done to Richard Aucott for winning this round.

Winter Series results - the scores for both the Yacht IOM and Fast Electric opening rounds (19th Nov) of the Winter Series have been added.
Well done to Mike Cooke for winning the IOM round and Chris Locke, Dave Lowther and Bob Bryant who each won a FE Mini Hydro and Club Class race.

Wanted - sail box for IOM yacht sails. Ron Lee is looking for a sail box for IOM yacht class sails. If you have one that you are happy to sell please contact him;

Small Yacht Elimination Race - a report, scores and photos of the event held last Sunday (5th Nov) have been added.
Congratulations to the winners
Russ Chilcott (RTR Class) and Kevin Roberts (MC Class)

IOM Yacht Dickie Bird Trophy - scores and a report have been added. Mike Cooke was in top form winning 11 of 16 races he easily won the trophy on a score of just 13 points. Andy Harding was 2nd (31) with Russ Chilcott 3rd (34)
Well done to Mike Cooke for winning the Dickie Bird Trophy 2017

Winter Series calendar - the clubs winter meetings for November right through to March 2018 has been confirmed see < 2017 calendar page.

There will be 9 rounds (mornings) for IOM class yachts, 5 rounds (afternoons) for Fast Electric Club Class and Mini Hydro boats. For those with Small Yachts an Elimination Race, 1 Hour Endurance Race plus the opening 2 rounds of the next years series. Also once a month (afternoon) free sailing for any boats.
The full 2018 calendar will be published sometime before Christmas.

Scale Competition - a new event for this year is a scale competition
which will be held on Sun 19th Nov 1pm to 4pm.

Small Yacht series - round 7 (22nd Oct) scores and report have been added.
This was the final round of the series and it was run in very windy conditions. Howard Ashenden won the RTR class and Kevin Roberts the MC class on the day.
For the overall series Russ Chilcott won the RTR class, but in MC it was tie with Rodney Butler and Chris Lewis who had the exact same total points. They cannot be seperated by discards or countback so are awarded equal first place and will have to share the cup!

Congratulations to 2017 series winners;
Rod & Chris as joint winners of the MC class, and
Russ on winning the RTR class

Wet n Dry Race - report and photos have been added. < see Wet n Dry Race 2017 page (blue page link)
Well done to Russ Chilcott for winning the race.

For Sale - a complete Thunder Tiger yacht and Steam Drifter (part built) Model Slipway kit. < see For Sale page for details

IOM Yacht Summer Series - round 6 (15th Oct) scores have been added. This was also the final round in the series. We had a perfect (almost summer like!) morning with a light SW breeze, 11 skippers entered and completed 10 races.
Nigel Clarke was the winner of this round, which was enough for him to win the overall series for the 3rd year in a row.
Russ Chilcott and Andy Harding finished 2nd and 3rd on the day, which also placed them 2nd and 3rd in the series overall.

Congratulations to Nigel on winning the 2017 Summer Series.

Wet n Dry Race - the race planned for early Sept was cancelled due to the algae outbreak will now be taking place on Sunday 22nd October at 2pm. The Clubs scheduled monthly free sail afternoon (1pm to 4pm) is still happening on this day, along with the morning’s (10am to 1pm) 7th and final round of Small Yacht Series.
We are hoping the AWL (Air Water Land) model group will be able to attend with their RC hovercrafts but that is not confirmed at this time.
For more info on the race see < Wet n Dry Race 2017 page

SOLD - the Aquacraft Vela 1 metre yacht has now been sold.

Great news - the lake is now clear of Blue-green algae. The EA took a sample from Apex Park lake yesterday (4th Oct) and the results show the levels of blue green algae are now below the threshold.

The restriction on the use of boats that may produce spray (mainly FE boats) is now lifted. As the water is never really “clean” the club will continue to provide one hand wash which is normally kept in the rescue boat at all future club events/meetings.

AGM roundup - the Clubs Annual General Meeting was held last night (2nd Oct). All of the existing Committee members were all re-elected back into their previous posts, see < Contacts page. The clubs accounts were pretty healthy so the Membership fee will remain the same as before - don’t panic it’s not due until Feb 2018!

Mini Hydro Class - the fast electric Mini Hydro class now has a formal set of class rules for the forthcoming Winter Series (starting 19th Nov). < see Fast Electric page.

IOM Yachts Summer Series - round 5 (1st Oct) scores have been added.
Somehow it stayed dry all morning, though everyone had their water-proofs on just in case! There was a light SW breeze coming up between the gap in the two lakes. John White from the Bideford MBC joined as a day member which brought the entry up to 12 skippers.
Bob Conner was in good form winning this round with 9pts, Nigel Clarke was 2nd (12) and Russ Chilcott 3rd (19)

Small yacht series - round 6 (24th Sept) scores and report have been added.
We had a good turnout with 13 skippers entering, of which 3 were racing small yachts for the very first time. The wind was light but enough to keep the fleet moving so 11 races could be run.
One of the "Newbies" Robert Arlett won the RTR class (in part helped by enjoying a head start), while Rodney Butler won the MC class.

Blue-green algae - the Environment Agency have said the blue-green algae levels are still above threshold so they will continue to take weekly samples. Sorry guys, no fast electric boats or any that could produce spray to use Apex for the time being. Hopefully we'll get the all clear soon.

Welcome aboard 2 new club members - John Woodman and Alfie Lake.
John has rejoined after 20+ years away, he is currently racing a borrowed IOM yacht. Alfie (a junior member) is new to the hobby and has an RTR fishing boat and a pilot boat on the way.

IOM Summer Series - round 4 (17th Sept) scores have been added.
The meeting started with a minutes silence for our good friend Brian Hill.
The Yacht Sec. Scott Smart set a challenging course for the 13 skippers. 9 races were completed, Nigel Clarke was the winner scoring 8pts, ahead of Richard Aucott (14) and Andy Harding (17) in 3rd place.

13/9/17 (updated)
Brian Hill - I’m very sorry to report that Brian Hill has passed away. Though he has not been able to join us for while he was once a regular racing with us in the IOM fleet and a good skipper.
I’m sure you will join me in offering his family our deepest condolences at this very sad time.

Brian's funeral will be held on Friday 22nd Sept at 11.30am at St Nicholas Church, Nore Rd, Portishead, BS20 8EN


SYFRC (Small Yacht series) - the next round in the series due to held at Weymouth on 17th Sept has been cancelled.

Small Yacht section - sail number list has been updated.

Welcome aboard - David Behannah who has just joined our club. David is new to the hobby and has aquired a Caldercraft "Peggy" and (above) the "Cromarty Shore" safety vessel.
Welcome to the club David

IOM Yacht racing Summer Series - round 3 (3rd Sept) meeting scores have been added. It was a bit wet at times but overall not too bad, at least there was a decent breeze so 10 races could be completed. Just a shame there were only 5 skippers taking part!
Well done to Doug Penman for this winning one.

Outbreak of Blue/Green Algae at Apex - members must take extra precautions following the outbreak. Avoid unnecessary contact with the water. Should your hands get wet for example when launching or retrieving your boat it is strongly recommend that you clean them immediately. If you have any cuts or abrasions you should wear suitable water-proof gloves. For any Club organised meetings during this outbreak we will have an additional hand wash available lakeside and fresh water to clean off models, but if you could bring something suitable to clean your hands and model yourself please do so.

The SMBC Committee Officers have decided until further notice that no SMBC member can operate fast electric boats or any model which could produce spray.

Wet n Dry Race & Hovercraft Display for 3rd Sept has been CANCELLED.
This is due to the recent outbreak of blue-green algae in the lake and a chance these types of models will produce spray from the water. We hope to run the race and invite the model Hovercraft Club along sometime later this year.
Watch this space!

IOM Yacht Weds night series - round 7 (23rd Aug) score sheet plus the final overall points table has been added. There was a pretty decent S/W breeze for the final round of the series. 9 skippers took part but no one could keep pace with Bob Conner who was in great form again winning this round. That makes 5 rounds from 7 so he has also won the series overall.
Congratulations to Bob for winning the series

IOM Match Racing - the annual event was run last Sunday 20th August. Sadly there were only 6 entries but they did enjoy some excellent racing conditions. Nigel Clarke and Doug Penman tied on points for first place but Nigel wins it as he beat Doug in their head-to-head race.
Well done Nigel for winning the Match Racing event

Fast Electric series - round 7 (16th Aug) scores and report have been added.
There was a good turnout with 11 boats racing in heats of 5 and 6 for the final round of the 2017 summer series.
Russ Chilcott won this round which was enough to for him to win the series overall with Chris Locke in 2nd place. Bob Bryant took 3rd spot by just one point ahead of Dave Lowther.

SYFRC (south west Small Yacht series) - we hosted the 5th round of the series on Sun 13tgh August. There were 16 entries with 11 of them from our club. Photos are on our clubs group Facebook page, report and score are on the SYFRC website;

Scale Challenge series - round 6 (9th Aug) meeting scores have been added plus the final overall points table.
Russ Chilcott and Chris Locke tied for 1st places twice in the final round which was a steering competition.
This was just enough for Russ to win the overall series with a score of 138 points, ahead of Chris on 137 with Bob Bryant 3rd on 118.

IOM Yacht Summer Series - round 2 (6th Aug) scores have been added.
13 skippers a decent breeze and sunshine!
Well done to Richard Aucott on winning this round.

Playday - a huge thankyou to all of you who attend the Playday on Weds, without your time and effort it would have been impossible to have put on such a good display. The “Have-a-go-boats” were as popular as ever with a queue of eager children waiting to use them from 10am none stop to closing at 3pm and at times through torrential rain!
If you took any photos please email the best ones to me or post them directly onto our Facebook page if you can.

Club bimonthly meeting – a reminder our next meeting at the Ritz Social Club, Burnham-on-Sea is this coming Monday 7th August at 7.30pm - BUT we will be using a different room in the club. Go through the main door and into the bar area, turn immediately left and on the left opposite the pool table is a side room where we will be holding our meeting.

IOM yacht Weds night series - round 6 (2nd Aug) scores have been added.
Maybe a first for the club - 6 skippers, 6 races and 6 different winners!
It was Nigel Clarke who just nicked it - well done to him.

PLAYDAY - Another reminder if your free this coming Wednesday 2nd August we could really use some more helpers and boats to display for the Playday event. If you can get along you must be in the car park before 9.30am and won’t be able to leave until after 3pm. We will have table space – you just need to turn up and stick your boat on one!
Almost the entire lake will be free to sail around if you want to put something (anything) on the water. …and we will be supplying free teas and coffees all day!!!
…also, if you can spare an hour helping to man the children’s “have-a-go-boats” that will be great.

Small Yacht series - round 5 (30th July) scores & report have been added.

Fast Electric Weds series - round 6 (26th July) scores & report have been added (plus some video on our Facebook page) < see Fast Electric page.
It was a very windy night with choppy waters, perfect for yacht racing! Despite the conditions there were some very close races and very close finishes.
Russ Chilcott won this round scoring 60 points, Dave Lowther was 2nd (52) with Malcolm Franks in 3rd (48).


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