Playday 2017

10am to 3pm Wednesday 2nd August

Report on the 2016 Playday

Report by Russ Chilcott, photos by Kevin Roberts, Richard Harris & Russ Chilcott

We had another mega busy day for the 2016 Playday, there was an estimated 7000 children attending and taking part in the many free activities on offer throughout the park – which is the whole point of the day.
This year we had half a dozen club members on site by 8am helping out with setting things up and we were joined by more soon afterwards. The setup of our club display area consisting of 4 gazebos under which we had a line of 7 (2M long) paste tables which were then filled with over 40 model boats of all types and sizes. Other members were busy setting up the children’s free “Have-A-Go-Boats” (HAGB) which consisted of yet another gazebo, a 2m long TX controller unit, plus 9 obstacles all set out in a large area cordoned off in the lake. All this was finished and ready to go by 9.45am, a good 15 mins before the official opening so there was just enough time for a well earnt cuppa for everyone.
Then the day really started as the vast and over-exited children began to arrive in the park – and this year they seemed to just keep on coming! A queue soon formed for the HAGB which remained all day. The HAGB boats are 3 Robbie Sea-Jet models which were once part of the clubs Sea-Jet formation display team. They have 12” tall driving figures on a bright yellow hull and look good on the water. Thankfully they worked pretty much faultlessly for the entire duration, we estimate over 350 children were “having-a-go” for the 3 minute allotted time. All watched over by 2 club members who were working in 1 hour shifts throughout the day.

As usual Lucinda the dragon was keeping the children entertained, at some points we were almost overwhelmed by the numbers and not able to see her, but a quick squirt of water from her nose soon cleared a bit of space …at least for a short time when the cries of “squirt me again” could be heard!

As well as our huge static display, HAGB and Lucinda we also had Scott Smart with his A class yacht on the lake, Kevin Roberts leading a fleet of small yachts, Steve Cornish with his luxury speed boat plus fully working trailer as well a nice selection of other models of all types entertaining the many watching – overall a really great display showing off our clubs wide variety of models.

Just before 4pm we closed down the HAGB’s and packed everything away. We were all a little worse for wear but having enjoyed another great event which finished very nicely when the ice cream van lady kindly gave us all free 99’s ice cream cones – lovely jubbly!

A huge THANK YOU to all those who supported this event, with all the best planning in the world it simply would not happen unless we had members who were willing to come along and help out.
The main event organiser Rosie Pike has asked me to pass on her thanks to all involved from our club.


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