For the first race in 2013 the entries were a mix of scale ducks, modified airboats and completely new prototype designs (photos below), but most importantly - we had a bit of fun! The 2014, 2015 and 2016 races turned out to be a very close finishes with the winner not decided until the very last lap! In 2017 we had 5 entering and very strong winds and choppy waters but the race was still great fun enjoyed by large crowds (see photos above and report below).

The race is open to any RC electric powered model of any design, type or size, but it must be “amphibious” as half the race course is on the water (the wet bit) and half up along a ramp (the dry bit). At the Apex we have a very large wide tarmac ramp which runs down into the water.

Why not build something and join in the 2018 race? It is on the first Sunday in September, race starts 2pm, there may be a semi-final and final race if there are enough entries.
Full rules are here >

If you have any question please contact Russ Chilcott
Email; or Tel; (evenings) 07721 511314

Wet n Dry Race 2017
report by Russ Chilcott
photos by Alan Spencer & Roger Fuge

Our annual amphibious race this year was held in mid-October due to an outbreak of Blue-green algae which meant we couldn’t run it in its normal early Sept slot. Unfortunately it was really windy on the day so much so that Stan Robinson from the AWL club was not able to do his usual RC hovercraft demo’s and very few others could risk their models for the free sail.
But the wind and threat of rain was not enough to stop the Wet n Dry Race going ahead! We had 5 entering this year, it would have been 7 but sadly at the last minute 2 were unable to attend.

All the models this time were basically the same concept; A boat like craft with wheels attached, powered by a ducted fans or large air prop. The use of submerged propellers and drive wheels seems to have gone for this much simpler build. I entered the same “Monkey Boat” as I used last year as it won the race so I couldn’t see any reason to change it! But I had made the rear wheel retractable to increase its speed on the water. Chris Locke had an old FE Mono 1 hull with a single ducted fan and also retractable wheels for the same reason. Dave Lowther had a modified foam plane with wheels fitted. Arley Bushill and Dave Giddings had built similar looking models using a large air prop and a single steering front wheel, though Arley had also gone for retractable back wheels.

The race started with all 5 in a line on the ramp and straight into the lake (the wet bit!) and we all immediately had problems with the wind strength and very choppy waters. Dave L got away well and was first to round No 1 marker with me close behind. Arley had problems keeping his under control from the off. Dave G and Chris got a little tangled as soon as they started which resulted in Chris’s steering for the wheels being slightly damaged. Dave L foam plane suddenly stopped before the second turn so I was able to take over the lead. Chris took up second place and started to chase me, while Arley and Dave G were having “issues” and had to return to the ramp.
Chris did close the gap to me each lap on the water leg as his model was faster, but once on the ramp (the dry bit) I had a more control and moved ahead a bit more again. This carried on for most of the race but towards the end Chris was stoppings to bale water out of his hull!
I was relieved and very happy when after 4 and a half laps I crossed the finish line to win the race. Chris finished in second place half a lap back. Arley was awarded 3rd as he travelled slightly further around the course before retiring from the race along with two Dave’s.

Overall it had been another successful Wet n Dry Race - but I would say that as I won it! The weather could have been a lot better but we still had quite a crowd of onlookers who I think were well entertained!

Big thanks to Rob Arlett for being the Scrutineer and Lap Counter for the race. Kevin Roberts and Richard Harris who were course marshal’s, plus all those who helped out with setting things up and packing away.

Roll on the 2018 race – why not build something and have a go?

The 2013 (first ever) 2014, 2015 and 2016 events plus the AWL (Air, Water & Land Group) demonstrating their crafts as well a few free sailing models.

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